It is that time of the year. 

purple rain IV

This House Is Mine

To mark the release of my adaptation for the comic-book form, of Jean Ray's venerable novel of the fantastique 'Malpertuis,' there will be a selection of related drawings in conjuction with sculptural and aural elements, on show in Galerie Annee, Haarlem on Saturday the 26th of May.

A week prior, on Saturday the 19th of May i hope to be present at Scheltema booksellers in Amsterdam, to sign or otherwise deface your copies of Malpertuis.

I'm looking forward  to seeing you at either event, or at both.

a Malpertuis playlist

purple rain II

purple rain

The files for Jean Ray's Malpertuis are ready for printing. 
There have been two versions before this one, in various stages of incompletion.
Over the next few weeks i'll be posting, for your schadenfreude, excerpts from
these trains not taken.